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About Us

About us

At Vital Energy Healing we believe the natural method of therapy is the best way to help the human body heal itself. Pranic Healing is the scientifically proven method of energy healing that helps in the process of the human body's self-healing naturally. With more than a decade of experience in Pranic healing, mediation, and consultation on thousands of people globally, we prove that energy healing is one of the best complementary medicine methods available today. Our experienced healers gather every day to help and improve people's lifestyles and health levels using natural prana energy available in the environment around us.

We are always looking forward to your ideas and comments in order to build the best possible foundation of available services to help and serve every individual internationally. 


Our mission

Our mission is to provide an "easy to use" platform for everyone in the world who needs complementary medicine to boost their health level or anyone who is in need of developing a better lifestyle, positivity, and mindfulness. 


Our vision

We envision to make the correct and effective method of energy healing, accessible to everyone around the world. As we use the Pranic Healing method as the main method of treatment, our vision is not only to introduce everyone this scientifically proven method of energy healing but also, using this technique to develop and improve people's lifestyles and their health level naturally in the global scale. 


Follow us

If you are willing to know more about Vital Energy Healing, our activities, healers, and much more, we welcome you to follow us on our official social media platforms: 


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