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We are always looking forward to improving our services in order to provide the best experience for you. Your review is much important for us and we count on each one that we receive. Not only it helps us to improve our services but also it helps others to know more about the effectiveness and process of our services.
The testimonials are from patients who had a minimum of 6 healing sessions. These are used to improve our services as well as clarify the costumer's satisfaction that we are proud of.
We invite you to read the testimonials below and add yours if you haven't already


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Total Reviews: 8
Overall Rate: 4.6
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Package: Crystal Healing

" I felt worries and fear. Continuously thinking of negative events going to happen. After taking 6 sessions of healing, I feel more relax and cheerful. Also, I had stopped smoking with no urge for nicotine at all. "

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Package:  Crystal Healing

" Before healing, my body aches, and pains, and I get angry much. But after 12 sessions, I change so much, can see much improvement. "

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Package: Emotional Healing

" I felt extremely bad, I was under medication & counseling and unable to manage me. But after 2 months of healing, (24 healing sessions if I am not mistaken) transformed & become a better person, able to take up pranic healing classes to continue healing to my family & others."

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Package: Guided Meditation

" Before, I was Aggressive and full of resentment, but right after receiving a few guided meditation sessions, I feel calmer and able to create happiness within my family relationships."

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Package: Emotional Healing

" My condition before energy therapy was panicking whenever I go to work and most of the time feeling of fear, but after healing sessions, I feel much calmer almost no more panic attack, and I'm glad for your services."

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Package: Relationship Healing

" Before healing, I had a Terrible lifestyle and sometimes experiencing frequent fears. after 12 sessions, many improvements, stable relationships with my partner and colleagues, and able to do self-healing for me too."

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Package: Emotional Healing

" I was physical health at an average level but mental health was poor I had a lack of focus at work and depression too. After energy healings a turnaround experience. I appreciate the time that my healer spends for me and satisfied with your services."

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Package: Business Healing

" It changed the way I work and live. I purchased twice 12 business healing sessions and in just less than 2 months the improvements were there. Besides the result, healer's attitude and support throughout this journey were much appreciated. My business and I both got personally and financially develop during healing sessions. Definitely recommend."

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