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For Prosperity and Abundance


There is a connection between your bank balance and chakras. Our life is a reflection of what we are holding in our conscious and subconscious system, that are controlling by our chakras. There is a universal law that never broke; the universe is full of abundance and prosperity.

You are surrounded by abundance, but if you have created mental and money blocks in your mind energetically, then financially you will be in trouble. Even if you know exactly what they are, and even if you make a conscious decision to break free from them, your existing energy frequency and subconscious thought patterns will always, pull you back to them, back to the same limiting beliefs and behaviors.

The business healing sessions have two parts of counseling and energy healing. In your sessions by one of our experienced healers and counselors, you will find more about your mental and emotional blockages in your system which is hiding in your chakras and by removing all those unwanted energy frequencies you can achieve your financial target better and stronger. This healing session can be used for your personal and your business as well. All our healing sessions are conducted as online one-to-one sessions with professional and experienced healers.

Choose your preferred healing package:

Choose from three different healing packages below: 

Business Healing - Single Session .jpg
Business Healing Single Session
Business Healing - 5+1  Session .jpg
Business Healing 5+1 Sessions
Business Healing - 10+2  Sessions .jpg
Business Healing 10+2 Sessions

If you’re not sure which of the healing packages suit the best for you, we highly recommend you to book "Your First Free Session, to get a session with one of our experienced healers who can guide and recommend you on your selection of our healing packages based on your condition. 

Get your First Session For Free: 

Is it your first time experiencing meditation or energy healing? Get your very first session for free.

30 to 45 minutes private free session including and meditation, energy healing, or Q&A based on your desire, with one of our experienced healers. 

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