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Energy Based Complementary Treatment


Emotional healing sessions are a suitable method of treatment for better psychological and emotional health. It is one of the best methods to help and boost the human body's self-healing ability to heal and overcome psychological disorders such as stress, anxiety, phobia, depression, obsession, addiction, compulsion, and any physical diseases that are caused by psychological factors. 

You will receive 30 to 45 minutes of emotional healing sessions via Skype or WhatsApp based on your preferred date and time. All our healing sessions are conducted as online one-to-one sessions with professional and experienced healers.


Choose your preferred healing package:

Choose from three different healing packages below: 

Emotional Healing - Single Session  .jpg
Emotional Healing - 5+1 Sessions  .jpg
Emotional Healing - 10+2 Sessions  .jpg

If you’re not sure which of the healing packages suit the best for you, we highly recommend you to book "Your First Free Session, to get a session with one of our experienced healers who can guide and recommend you on your selection of our healing packages based on your condition. 

Get your First Session For Free: 

Is it your first time experiencing meditation or energy healing? Get your very first session for free.

30 to 45 minutes private free session including and meditation, energy healing, or Q&A based on your desire, with one of our experienced healers. 

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