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For Peace and Illumination 


Guided Meditation sessions are suitable for peace, relaxation, illumination, as well as aura and chakra balancing. Meditation sessions can help you to achieve peace of mind and balance your aura and chakras which lead to control stress, decrease anxiety, improve cardiovascular health, and gain a greater capacity for relaxation. It can be used as a personal development to gain more success and prosperity in the long run. 

You will receive 30 minutes of Guided Meditation session via Skype or WhatsApp based on your preferred date and time. All our Meditation sessions are conducted as online one-to-one sessions with professional and experienced healers/instructor. 

Choose your preferred healing package:

Choose from three different packages below: 

Guided Meditation - single session .jpg
Guided Meditation - 5+1 sessions .jpg
Guided Meditation - 10+2 sessions .jpg
Guided Meditation 10+2 Sessions 

If you’re not sure which of the healing packages suit the best for you, we highly recommend you to book "Your First Free Session, to get a session with one of our experienced healers who can guide and recommend you on your selection of our healing packages based on your condition. 

Get your First Session For Free: 

Is it your first time experiencing meditation or energy healing? Get your very first session for free.

30 to 45 minutes private free session including and meditation, energy healing, or Q&A based on your desire, with one of our experienced healers. 

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