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Philosophy of Diseases in human life

Human is an intelligent, spiritual being with higher consciousness. He is living on earth as a part of the universal evolution procedure. The evolution of humankind on earth requires time and a series of related incidents and activities. Human beings developed some bodies as the physical body, etheric body, emotional body, mental body, and soul body during thousands of years of evolution. Same as for other living beings, they developed certain bodies according to their degree of evolution. There is a consensus in all schools that all the living beings on earth have an etheric body. This etheric body provides enough living force for the physical body to work properly.

There are two sources for living force, food, and the rest is from universal energy; we call it life force or vital force. For centuries different philosophies and civilizations were aware of this life force. They used other names for it, as Prana, Chi or Qi, or Roah.

Science cautiously speaks of the etheric elements which lie just beyond our solids, liquids, and gases as “space plasma.” This invisible substance embraces all four higher physical ethers. It is the transmitter for electricity, for light, and for cosmic currents that sweep about the earth and diffused prana and make a blueprint around the physical body of any being alive. This is like an invisible part for the physical body to follow it. Dr Harry Oldfield in his article, “THE HUMAN ENERGY FIELD,” explained even after cutting a piece of maple leave and checking by Kirlian camera still the shape of the etheric maple leave was as whole leave. “With the early Kirlian cameras that we used, we photographed the electronic corona discharge, which forms patterns of the sub-atomic subtle energy forms below it. We have a picture of what looks like an entire maple leaf. However, if you looked carefully at it, there is not a complete maple leaf there. The top half cutaway and at that part, there was no physical leaf; what you were seeing was energy. It what sub-atomic, subtle energy matrix on which biological molecules were strung.”

The biological body is guiding and feeding the fundamental of the physical body. If the etheric body could be separated from the physical body, it would be a perfect duplicate of the physical form. This invisible body is like a generator of tremendous electromagnetic power - a

battery for the physical form. Without the etheric form and its prana, your physical form is dead. As the car’s battery is not your car, same as prana, it is a vital life force permeating every cell and making them full of life force. It is only a life force without a mind, and our soul is guiding this physical and etheric body. Simply our soul chose the body as a vehicle for its evolution; the consciousness behind our life is our soul, which is in harmony with universal consciousness.

Since physical experiences are the fastest way for the soul’s evolution, everything that affects the connection between physical, etheric, prana, and universal connection through our soul will affect our soul evolution. Sometimes an imbalance in spiritual and physical practices can cause illness. Still, according to science, there are many diseases that there is no specific reason for them.

Causes for Disease:

The physical body is a form that we sole use for our earthly experiences. In fact, our physical body is a soul instrument. The functions of this instrument can limit our spiritual progression.

Diseases like organic illnesses, psychosomatic upsets, and mental distresses can affect our spiritual development. It behooves us to understand something of its nature.

There are six fundamental causes for disease:

First, our physical reaction to certain foods, water, tobacco, alcohol, and impure air.

Second, Psychological causes which are born in the mind according to life experience or childhood patterns, rising out of the emotional nature like a desire for possessions, resulting in hate, jealousy, greed; reaction to the stress of life caused by worry, irritation; frustration arising from unfulfilled or unattainable goals; negative mental attitudes such as expecting failure, surrender to discouragement, fear of the future, insecurity; extreme fanaticism often arising from religious convictions or political failures; a denial or bottling up of normal emotions. They will heal when we are learning to express them in healthy and positive ways.

These causes are to be found in every area of human endeavor.

Third, Unbalanced energies in the etheric body, such as overstimulated or under stimulated energy centers, resulting in malfunctioning of organs and glands, some excessive habits can break down the physical cells and tissues faster the etheric forces can rebuild them.

Fourth, Group karma, or the inherited diseases of humanity as a whole. This type of illness is rising from the karmic debt to be paid because of the mass consciousness’s causal forces set in action. Some kind of group karma manifests as widespread epidemics; natural catastrophes; a war that blights the entire planet.

Fifth, Personal Karmic Liabilities can be manifest as limited glandular functions, limited ental functions, and vulnerability to infectious diseases-all resulting from weaknesses inherited from other incarnations; or can be reactions to actions set in force in this present life.

Sixth, Soul Intent. As the reverse side of this coin, we might list soul intent intentional incarnation in the mind of disorder (whether physical, emotional, or mental) to exercise previously acquired abilities or develop new ones.

By Farah

Latest review: 01/19/2021


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