Refashion your emotional consciousness

Let us start with an experience. Close your eyes and imagine you are sited on the offshore sands and listening to the sea. You only can hear the pleasant voice of the sea, the whisper of a breeze, even you are in your room. Can you feel the inner peace and tranquillity?.

Now, close your eyes again, be aware of your circumstance and environment, listen to the voices, can you identify their vibration and energy? How do you feel? Are you as peaceful as before?

You were not beside the sea in the above experience, but you could recall its calmness and relaxing vibration. You could feel the vibration of your environmental noises in the second experience, which may not be pleasant. How something is not really beside you can make you calm.

It is our subconscious part that helps us to rebuild that sense. But where is our subconscious part? How does it work? And how can we use it?

To have a better understanding, let we use two law in quantum physics,

  1. Empty Space isn’t Empty

  2. Everything in the universe is energy, and this energy vibrates.

It means each particle of our body is occupied by specific vibrations, even cells; also, atoms that shaped our body have certain vibrations.

When considering the universe and nature’s most fundamental design, scientists initially started breaking everything down into smaller and smaller particles of physical matter such as atoms, electrons.

Now science is aware of hidden vibration in each particle. Each empty part is holding some energy.

Which means scientist are starting to discover what ancient philosophers, cultures, and healers have known all along. They were aware that every producing vibrations, each vibration creates a certain energy that varying densities and frequencies, and these energies are intelligent and always on the move.

This intelligent life force, qi, prana, vibration, or whatever we would like to call it, determines the flows creating the universe, the planets, the atmosphere, skies, the earth, nature, and us.

An excellent way to think about it is that the vibration of our cells determines its function, nature, and character and can be considered an ecosystem in itself, a collection of cells make up a bigger ecosystem such as an organ or tissues, which make up a bigger ecosystem for which we consider as ‘us’ and we live within the ecosystem of our life, and the earth and then out much bigger, out to the universe.

Our bodies and their workings, thoughts, and emotions are all just different vibrations flowing inside and all through every living object on the planet.

As our thoughts and emotions are vibrations, they have energy. They are stored in our system according to their related vibrational system. Our body is not only a simple hard form of matter. This dense part is surrounded by other vibrational or energy systems. We call them etheric body, emotional body, mental body, and spiritual body. These bodies are connected to the earth’s body and via it to the universe.