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Aura and Chakra Scanning

Description: By Purchasing this service, you will receive a complete report of your aura and chakra condition. The report includes: 

  • The size and activation level of your major Chakras
  • Full scanning on your main organs health level
  • Psychological Parameters base on your chakras
  • Detailed health conditions analysis
  • List of recommendations and necessary treatments

Note: You will receive a confirmation email upon your purchase which includes basic questions that help us to provide a better and accurate report. The report will be prepared within 5 business days. For further questions, feel free to email us at, or you may message us at +1(628) 218-7188. 

COVID-19 update: All our sessions are conducted online for your safety and the 50% discount has been applied to all services to support our community during this crisis. 

Aura and Chakra Scanning

$55.00 Regular Price
$27.50Sale Price
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