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Aura & Chakra Scanning

Aura and Chakras Energy Level Test


The human system is consists of the physical body and energy body. The aura (energy body) is consists of 11 main chakras, which are connected to major organs and located along the spine. Chakras can be referred to as "power stations" of the body.  

Both aura and chakras are vital to an individual’s health and well being. Both these channels of energy can get ‘clogged’ due to stress or illness and impact overall health. thus, the aura is capable of showing diseases, health level, imbalance in an individual. The Aura can be considered as a "mirror" that reveals our present mental, physical, and emotional state.

In aura and chakra scanning, one of our professional healers/instructors, by scanning your aura and chakras can reveal your mental, emotional, and physical health conditions. A full report will be created on your aura and chakras functionality, main organs health level, detailed health conditions analysis, and emotional state as well as recommendations based on your condition to guide you for a healthier and happier lifestyle.

 All our Scanning sessions will be conducted with professional and experienced healers/instructors. 


Choose your preferred healing package:

Choose from three different packages below: 

If you’re not sure which of the healing packages suit the best for you, we highly recommend you to book "Your First Free Session, to get a session with one of our experienced healers who can guide and recommend you on your selection of our healing packages based on your condition. 

Get your First Session For Free: 

Is it your first time experiencing meditation or energy healing? Get your very first session for free.

30 to 45 minutes private free session including and meditation, energy healing, or Q&A based on your desire, with one of our experienced healers. 

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