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We heal your sorrow and suffering

Experience a joyful life with the clean energy body



In conjunction with COVID-19 pandemic, Vital Energy Healing decided to step ahead and provide FREE HEALING SESSION for anyone across the globe. 
Click to register for FREE HEALING SESSION now: 

What is Energy Healing and how it benefits you?

Watch this short briefing video which explains all you need to know about "Energy Healing" and its benefits on your lifestyle. 

The human body is consists of a physical body and an invisible body which is called an "Energy Body". The energy body is consist of "Aura and Chakras", as we take care of our physical body, the energy body needs to be taking care of regularly. "Prana", "Chi", or people also refer to it as "Lifeforce Energy" is the main source that creates aura and chakras.

In Vital Energy Healing, we identify contaminated and congested energies within your aura and chakras, removing all and replace them with purified and clean "Prana Energy". We use the Pranic Healing technique which is one of the well known and scientifically proven methods of energy healing and complementary therapy.


"When the energy body is purified and balanced, you'll physically and emotionally be balanced."

Choose which service suit the best for you: 

We categorized our services to suits you regardless of where you're living, to bring you healthier, empower, and enrich lifestyle. ​​

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Get your First Session For Free: 

Is it your first time experiencing meditation or energy healing? Get your very first session for free.

30 to 45 minutes private free session including meditation, energy healing, or Q&A based on your desire with one of our experienced healers. 

“I felt worries and fear. Continuously thinking of negative events going to happen. After taking 6 sessions of healing, I feel more relax and cheerful. Also, I had stopped smoking with no urge for nicotine at all. ”


By: Jason Wong, 

Package: Crystal Healing


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